2000 Series
2000 Series


The 2000 Series transmission is designed for commercial trucks and smaller buses with gross weights up to 15,000 kilos (33,000lbs). The transmission increases torque capacity for higher powered vehicles within a lighter weight package. Adaptive technology ensures that optimum performance is maintained at all times. It also enables the transmission to compensate for variations in driving conditions, such as loads, drivers and traffic patterns. Standard features include the availability of close and wide ratio gearing and a turbine-driven PTO provision with optional neutral lock-up.


  • Designed for commercial vehicles with gross weight up to 15,000 kg 
  • Rating up to a maximum of 300 hp
  • Turbine-driven PTO provision with optional neutral lock-up feature
  • Up to 6 speeds available with overdrive
  • Advance electronic controls for optimized operation 
  • prognostics