Managing Director Message

Anglo-Thai is our Great Journey.


1 January 2014


No company can last 65 years by standing still.

At Anglo-Thai, we believe that relentless development and striving for the better is the essential ingredient for success. We have recently redefined and remodeled our business from simple product distribution to cost-effective solution provider for our customers. This makes us stand out from the crowd.

From our long history of automobile and agricultural tractor distribution, we evolve into solution provider in “Agricultural and Transportation” Industries. We specialize in technological products to help our customers increase productivity and efficiency in cost-effective way.

In agricultural industry, our combination of reputable world-class Kioti and Massey Ferguson tractors serve complete range of farm tractor requirement from compact 28-60 BHP for paddy field to medium to large 75-200 BHP for sugarcane and large farm. Our tractors are the best in their classes with high quality and competitive prices. There may be many brands out there but not many are as world-class as Kioti and Massey Ferguson. Our tractors are proven in the field in Thailand that they effortlessly outperform our competitors. With the same horsepower and land area, our tractors finish the same job faster and consume less fuel. They are very reliable and are the leaders in low fuel consumption which help our customers save cost, time, labor and conserve environment.

Kuhn products from France come with full range of solutions to increase productivity of tractor work and expand its possibility for various jobs. Innovative product like “Power Harrow” helps our customers do ground preparation twice faster. This enables one tractor to do the job requiring two tractors to finish at the same period of time. Literally, we help our customers save one tractor, half of fuel usage, half of the time, save one man power and of course, save one implement. Moreover, the products are so durable and last longer that our customers forget about downtime. This is just the first sample of Kuhn to introduce.

Ferri from Italy are specialized in quality mower implements attached to our tractors for mower job in large area. We supply Ferri with our tractors to highway mower and hedge cutting applications.

Leica from Switzerland provide complete smart farming solutions. Its self-steering GPS guidance system with 2 millimeters accuracy for tractor and harvester helps our customer plant sugarcane more orderly and faster to increase crop yield and ready for more efficient harvesting.

With GPS guidance system, tractor operator can work for longer hours with a lot less effort and can even plant sugarcane at night time which is impractical for naked eye operator to steer tractor in straight line in the dark. Our customers can save one tractor with twice productivity. They can map crop yield so they can put fertilizer at the right amount for each specific area. Crop yield increases, fertilizer and other costs decrease. Final result is overall productivity increase for less cost.

More agricultural machinery products are lining up to be launched for our full range of solutions from Rice Planter, Rice Harvester and Sugarcane Harvester, all from world-class brands. These are quality products to bring Anglo-Thai to become complete solution provider in agricultural industry.


" We are leader to the new chapter of industrialized fa    rming in Thailand. "


Allison transmission and DANA large industrial transmission from the United States have long been our major products for transportation industry. However, as China becomes the world’s second largest economy after the United States and its products have significantly higher quality over time, we cannot ignore the current world market trend. When we seek to expand into Chinese product line, the primary key to success is to carefully select the best quality product from China.

For transportation industry, we choose to be partner with the German-Chinese joint venture company named CNHTC who manufactures “SINOTRUK” heavy duty trucks. CNHTC is the largest heavy duty truck manufacturer in China with the number of annual truck production almost doubling that of the leading Japanese truck manufacturers.

SINOTRUK heavy duty trucks do not only fulfill our expansion into the transportation and logistics industry, it also complements and can be the final part of solutions to agricultural industry. Customers who use our farm tractors to prepare the land, plant the seeds and move production from the field to the road need trucks to further transport crops such as rice to the rice mill or sugarcane to sugar mill. This is where our Sinotruk steps in to complete the final cost effective transportation solution for our customers. In addition, we also provide GPS tracking and trip recording system to complete our solution.

Agricultural industry is the upstream of food industry which is one of four requisites. Transportation is sometimes called the fifth requisite. Each of these industries by itself is very large. With our diversified product ranges,within and across industries, Anglo-Thai will become more stable and immune to economic downturn and will be more secured in the future.


Anglo-    Thai will be the company that is “built to last”.



             Komsan Pacharawanich   

Managing Director